Dogs in Corinth

Big black dog
Guy and Norma

I hope I didn’t give the impression that Dig Dog (aka, Norma) is a stray dog. She is actually owned by Guy Sanders and much loved by the various people who pass through the American School here in Corinth. I also didn’t tell you about Melos, the other Dig Dog. Melos is a big black dog and is owned by the James and Iulia who are the Architect and Curator of the Museum here at Corinth. Melos is a big, sweet and sort of dumb dog, but he looks a bit scarey. He is not looking scarey at all in this picture. It is just too hot.

Melos Norma and Melos

Stray DogThere are many stray dogs wandering around Corinth and when I visited Athens I saw even more. These dogs seem pretty friendly, but they are very skinny and just go around freely. They also sleep all of the time. When we were first here there was a scandal because one of the stray dogs was found killed. No one knows who killed the dog, but they say that some of the people in the villages do not like these stray dogs. Sometimes they set out poisons for them to eat and Norma has almost died because of this.

birthday cardHere is a picture of a birthday card sent by my sister who did not even know about Melos. I thought it was perfect!

Yesterday we went to the beach again. It is so hot that by the late afternoon I am coated with sweat and it feels SO good to jump into the water. The salt water is a comfortable temperature. I don’t think that there are any jelly fish or anything to be concerned about in the water. Sometimes a bit of seaweed flows by and rubs you.

Children's Ark OrphanageThis morning I went to visit an orphanage here with a friend who is an artist. The orphanage was started by a group called Childern’s Ark. He is helping the kids there to create a sculpture. It will be a column in two halves. It starts with a form that the artist, John, created lined with clay. Then the kids came and decorated the clay by pressing toys and their hands into it. Then cement was poured into the mold and after two days of drying the clay will be removed and the columns will be done and ready to put up. I wish I had a picture of the final project, but here are some pictures of the orphanage and the process of making the sculpture.
Children's Ark Project Children's Ark Project

Children's Ark Project Children's Ark Project

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  1. What great dog information! The orphanage project looks terrific. You will see your blog linked to our NECC presentation at

    and also on our PowerPoint “handout” at

    We (9 students and 2 teachers) will talk to people at the convention about projects such as your blog. Trust this is all OK with you.

    We will also have a forum for teachers soon on about international projects.

    Safe travel.

  2. Norma on the lap looks so much smaller to me than in the other picture. I hope you will be able to visit Greece again and go back to the orphanage to see the finished sculpture.

    I can’t ask you a question today since you are leaving. Did you see any cats? Take some pictures of cats in Turkey if you see them.