And the Dig goes on…

The last couple days of the excavation were exciting. In the trench that Steve was in they discovered the top of a basin with a ladder. They dug down as far as two steps, but there were more steps. At the end they came to the bottom of the well… five steps later. In the dirt filling the basin they found lots of coins and lots of broken pottery. Here is a picture of the basin. They have only excavated about a third of it because there was not time to do all of it.


basin closer up

ancient plasterThe walls of the basin and the stairs were covered with plaster originally. This picture shows some of the remains of the plaster.

A few days ago I wrote about the types of things that they find at the dig and I was asked after that if they ever find bones. They find lots of bones. They find both the bones of animal and of people. Here is a picture of what is probably an animal bone that is just sticking out, not excavated. bone in situ

I wrote in October about Mr. Hook. If you look at the link below and go to the bottom of the blog you will see his picture. He was killed in a greusome way with this hook which was still buried with his bones.

Tomorrow there will be more about bones when I tell you about a visit I am doing today to a graveyard they are excavating in Kenchrea (about 10 miles away!)

p.s. I was pretty surprised when I walked into the archaeological house this afternoon and there was a package for us for our birthdays! Thanks Susie and Tim!

2 thoughts on “And the Dig goes on…

  1. I thought of you on your birthday too – hope it was fun, in any case, I’m sure it was memorable!

  2. I want to see a picture of Steve in his cowboy hat doing archaeology work. I don’t see anyone else in cowboy hats. Is he going to start a new trend?

    Do you know what is the basin was used for?