Corinth Canal Close Up and Personal

I was going to write about toys next, but I had the most exciting dinner last night and I need to tell you about it and show you some pictures.

Steve and I were invited to eat out with some friends who have a car, so they drove us to this restaurant, which is at the west side of the Corinth Canal. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening and so we sat outside and watched the sun set and watched boats go through the canal!

First of all… I have never seen a bridge like this one. There are low bridges like this at either end of the canal. Instead of being a drawbridge that pulls up the middle when a boat goes through, this one drops the middle way under the water! Here are two pictures of the bridge with its middle down:

Corinth Canal bridge down Corinth Canal bridge and bike

I was told that sometimes when the bridge comes back up there are fish on it and the man who operates the bridge runs out and gets them. A very interesting way of fishing! There were no fish on it that we saw last night.

Then there was the beautiful view of the canal itself and of the diolkos (the path where they transported the boats before there was a canal).

diolkos02.jpg Corinth Canal

Can you imagine bungie jumping off of one of those bridges?

Then there was the beautiful sunset.

Canal Sunset Fisherman in the sunset

Platter of fishFinally, there was the food. Do you see that purple looking thing with tenticles? That is pickled octopus! I actually ate it! The other stuff is small fish and calamari (or squid). Others at the table said that grilled octopus is delicious. hmmmm… To me all of the food was OK, but I think I would rather have a giro J. The pickled octopus was not bad. I didn’t even feel the tenticles. Would you have tried it?

2 thoughts on “Corinth Canal Close Up and Personal

  1. Your photos are extraordinary. I hope this will stay up for us to use with secondary classes next year. The students loved the seafood delicacies and the Mini, and I love all the scenes.

  2. The only thing that looks good on that plate to me is the pickled octopus. And that is only because it is purple. I would try a tiny bite of the different things, as long as I had a napkin ready so I could spit it out if necessary.

    It looks like someone is ready to ride a bike over the bridge. I didn’t see many bikes in the New Corinth traffic pictures. Do a lot of people ride bikes for transportation.

    What kinds of fish have you (or Steve) eaten in Greece so far?