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Follow Up to Arsinoe

by jfriesen

Well, we made it home… but boy was it a LONG trip. We were on the road for more than 24 hours. We took 5 taxi rides, one ferry, three flights, one night’s hotel stay, and at least 8 hours of layover to get home!

Arsinoe in VideoWhen I did get home I found an interesting comment about Arsinoe in my email. Check out this website from a teacher in the US who is doing a video production about Arsinoe! He asked about DNA testing. Here is my response:
I took a look at your website and read the story of Arsinoe. It looked like what the archaeologists had told me except for the last statement. Hilka Thuer, one of the archaeologists at Ephesus, suggested in an article in the late 1990s that the octagonal tomb near the terrace houses was for Arsinoe and it was her bones that they found here. I suppose that either Encyclopedia Britannica did not know of the article OR that it chose not to put that information into the article because it was not 100% sure. Although the archaeologists that I talked to at Ephesus said that they could not prove that it is Arsinoe for certain, they were pretty sure and said that there was no reason to think it was not.

They have tried DNA testing on the bones to confirm for sure where the skeleton was from, but there was not enough DNA material left in the bones to give them a reading. The first time the tomb was open they took the skull and teeth out because at that time they didn’t care about the bones. In the meantime the skull and teeth have gone missing. It is unfortunate because there are some new tests for teeth that can show information that would be helpful. Who knows, maybe it will be found someday!

It used to be that bones were not considered to be important and archaeologists just threw them away! Now that there are scientific tests that can be done to tell us more information it is difficult to find bones that have been well preserved with information about the context where they were found.

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  1.   Kathy Says:

    So glad you all made it home okay. Sounds like you had a great time. I really enjoyed reading all the entries – so I don’t think the tracker was accurately reflecting the number of hits to the blog.
    Take care and get rested!