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First Impressions of Turkey

by jfriesen

I have now been in Turkey for a little more than 24 hours, so I am just going to give you a short idea of what I am seeing in my first hours. There are lots of things that I will be writing about in the next few days and it is hard to wait, but I won’t say it all at once!

Here are some things that have surprised me as I walked around. outdoor marketOutdoor markets. Storks.storks Carpets carpets

carpet store One of the things that many people do in Turkey is to buy Carpets. Turkish carpets are known world wide for their beauty. Today I visited Ali who sells carpets and kilim close to the Austrian Institute here in Selchuk. He He talked to me about the carpets and showed me many carpets. Ali showed me how a good carpet is made and also showed me some carpets made for sale and others that were made for use by a family. He also explained that kilim are more simple rugs and do not have the thickness of a wool carpet. Ali-carpet salesmanWhat impressed me the most was that Ali is most interested in building trust and a good relationship with the people who buy carpets. Of course he wants to sell his carpets, but he first wants to have a good relationship with the people he sells to. He offered me tea and told me stories about selling carpets and his family also. Ali introduced me to his mother who is pictured here. f you ever go to Selchuk you should look him up at Agora Carsisi No 8/9 or email him at [email protected] Ali and his Mom

Each archaeological site is controlled by the country that it is located in, but often the people who have been digging in that area for a long time (hundreds of years) come from a certain country or University. The dig in Corinth is an American Dig and is run by the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (ASCSA). The Austrians are in charge of the dig at Ephesus.
veterenarians working on bones One of the first things that we did when we arrived here was to make contact with the person Steve is working with named Fabian Kunz. He is an Anthropologist who specializes in bones. He can take small pieces of bones and figure out all kinds of information about where they come from. He can tell the difference between an animal bone and a human bone and even separate lots of small pieces of bone to figure out how many people they represent. He works with some other guys who are actually veteranarians who work on animal bones. One of them is a specialist in fish! One exciting thing he showed me was the skull of a lion. lion bone
arsinoe Tomorrow I will tell you more about these bones. They are of Arsinoe who was a sister of Cleopatra! She was banished and there is more you will want to hear about her death! I will also tell you about a new find of bones that surprised even the archaelogists today! Bone of Arsinoe

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  1.   Sister Susie Says:

    It looks like there is a lot more to see in Turkey than there was in Greece. It is probably too late for this question, but are all the carpets made from wool? Does the wool come from sheep, goats, llamas?