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Happy 4th of July!

by jfriesen

Our balcony at Kokkara It does seem a bit strange to be here so far away on Independence Day! I am actually in Turkey now. We took a ferry this morning from Samos to Kushadisi, which is a port city. The ferry took about an hour and a half and then we took a taxi to Selchuk, which is the town near Ephesus. I really don’t know much about that yet, so I will hold off telling you much about Turkey yet.

Internet Cafe from the outside First I want to tell you a few final things about Samos. Here are pictures of the Internet café where I posted blogs and checked email each day. It had one station where you could plug in your laptop and several computers available for people to use. Internet Cafe from the Inside

Yesterday I took a day off from blogging and we went on a drive around the whole island. It is beautiful. The road around the island takes you to heights where you can look down and see the coastline for a long way.
Samos Island View potami beach

Megala Seitami Beach

Samos-Manolates Street We took one side trip to Manolates. We drove up and up and when we thought we were at the top there were a few restaurants and a parking lot. We parked and decided to explore a little. We walked up and up and up and were surprised to find a potter and several artist stores and then more walking through pretty houses and finally a restaurant on the very top.

Samos-top of Manolates

Here are some things we ate:
fish Fish-they called it Sea Breem and said it was from very deep in the ocean. They are the smaller fish in the middle of the picture and are served after frying whole. You first take of the head, then the tail and then carefully eat the nice white meat in the middle.

Greek Yogurt Yogurt and honey-The yogurt here is totally different than ours. It is VERY thick. They serve it with honey and fruit. This is what I had for breakfast one morning!

Samos-soccer on the big screen When we were eating we were often watching the World Cup Soccer Games. It is fun to be in a country where people are so interested in the games. In Kokkara there were lots of Germans and they went around town with their flag painted on their faces and waving flags when Germany played.

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  1.   Sister Susie Says:

    On the picture with the cobblestone street (in Manolates?), do cars go on that street or only pedestrians? The ocean looks so blue from your pictures. Did you go swimming in Samos?