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Cat Blog

by jfriesen

While I only saw one cat in Corinth I am seeing cats everywhere in Samos.  They seem to be cared for, but free.  On the steps in front of one shop I saw a napkin with some dry catfood on it and in one of the pictures you will see a food dish.  Today the blog will be mainly a display of the cats that I photographed while walking through town yesterday.
Cat     cat


cats close up

cat playing


P.S.  I forgot to answer Susie’s question about the types of pictures in the tombs.  Here is another picture.  Most of the tombs were not painted.  It is hard to tell what the decorations are, but they do look like mostly decoration rather than words or something telling a story.
pictures in a tomb

One Response to “Cat Blog”

  1.   Sister Susie Says:

    All the pictures are of short hair cats and mostly calico types. How do you say cat and dog in Greek?