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Internet Cafe in Samos and other things

by jfriesen
Samos beach cafes We found a great place to stay in Kokari on Samos. We have a small room on the second floor overlooking the beach. We get a wonderful sea breeze and the sound of the pounding surf while we sleep. Last night we wandered out to find a place to eat and found this restaurant with a patio right on the beach. In fact the whole beach is lined with restaurants with tables only a few feet from the water. The world cup game between Italy and Ukraine was on huge screens all around the bay. It was amazing.

I am going to answer questions from the Corinth blogs before I tell you more about Samos.

The Plateia
busy plateia in Corinth It is actually very busy. I was aiming to take pictures of cars and it was early in the morning, so you didn’t see many people. Almost all of the time the plateia is full of men…mostly older men who sit and drink coffee (and other beverages) and talk. In the evenings there are so many men sitting in cafes that it is uncomfortable as a woman to go there. I am usually with a group of people, so it is OK for me to go out to a restaurant, but it is pretty weird for a woman alone. I guess the wives are home doing the work and taking care of the kids.

The other time the plateia is busy is when tour busses come through. There is sort of a regular schedule of tour busses and groups of tourists who go to the shops and eat in the restaurants. There are also smaller groups of tourists in their own cars or rental cars that come at different times. I do see women, but mostly they are coming or St. Peter and St. Paul Celebrationgoing to the church or to the Super Markets (there are two-and really they are small stores).

It was extremely busy Thursday evening after there was a special Orthodox service held at the archaeological site celebrating the feast days of St. Peter and St. Paul (June 29th).

I don’t know anything really about Greek Bats…. sorry, maybe someone who does will write. They were going out at night to eat insects.

Steve the Archaeologist Steve at the dig

Here is some proof that Steve actually did wear the cowboy hat on the dig and also proof that the style was not catching on.

Basin Uses
basinThis basin was lined with plaster, which means that it was meant to hold water. It was probably some kind of cistern. It is hard to tell what it was used for. There is still about three fourths more to dig. Next year they will finish and MAYBE know more about how it was used. They did find bits of iron and bronze, about 7000 pieces of broken pottery and lots of coins. Steve says that when you are digging you never know what else you are going to find that will fill in the picture.

Thanks for the very imaginative, if not believable, story about the tools in the tombs.

Susie was right about the Internet in Samos. There are two places we can use the Internet in this little town. I am not sure how inexpensive it is, but it is OK. They charge 1 euro for every 15 minutes (about $1.30 for a Euro).

Next blog entry will have more about Samos and about the cats. I hope you all are reading the comments. This blog will be shared at NECC (National Educational Computing Conference) in San Diego on July 5th along with many other things that the John Muir school is doing. This is a huge conference. Look for links to it in the comments. Also there was great additonal information about the Dig Dog (Norma) from Guy Sanders who is the director of the excavation at Corinth and the person that Norma likes best.

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  1.   Sister Susie Says:

    Lots of coins in the cistern makes me think of putting coins it a fountain to make a wish. I wonder if they did that back in ancient Corinth.